Avast! Free Mobile security
An invisible security app that gives you both mobile antivirus and mobile tracking/controls – at any time, remotely – with no indication on the phone itself. Imagine the possibilities.

Security Feature :

  • Feel totally secure (avast! Mobile Security provides complete Android antivirus protection, to keep you safe from malicious apps)
  • Say goodbye to 'lost' phones (Our Anti-Theft component is practically invisible to would-be thieves, and provides you remote options (via web portal or SMS commands) for locating and recovering your phone)
  • Avoid pointless drama (Life gets simpler when you use our Call/SMS filter to block specific numbers from being able to call or SMS)
  • Browse without worry (Web Shield warns you if your browser loads any malware-infected URLs, even from legitimate or high-profile sites that may have been hijacked)
  • Save money by knowing what goes in and out (Your 3G and Wi-Fi data exchanges are visible by day/month/year with our Network Meter, so you can stay closer to your monthly data limits)
  • See your security status, all the time (The desktop widget gives you easy access and instant status, so you’ll know it’s working)
  • Save time with fewer mistakes (Enabling the optional SiteCorrect means any mistyped URLs can be easily auto-corrected, before you waste time going somewhere you don’t want to be)
  • Block hackers (If your phone is rooted, you can add a firewall to ensure that even the most talented people stay out of your phone)


... all begin from the dreams ...

... all begin from the dreams ...

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Excel Umur Pensiun PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pinyi   
Monday, 01 June 2009 07:00

Microsoft Office Excel

Rumus cara menghitung usia atau umur maupun masa kerja serta tanggal pensiun, ikutilah langkah-langkah berikut ini :

  1. Buatlah 7 kolom dan 5 baris dimulai dari cell B1
    Kolom B:Nomor ; C:Nama ; D:Tanggal Lahir ; E:Tahun ; F:Bulan ; G:Hari  ; H:Pensiun
    Menghitung Umur

  2. Cell E2 isikan function =DATEDIF(D2;TODAY();"Y")
    Keterangan :
    Function =TODAY() untuk mendapatkan tanggal HARI INI sesuai system
    Menghasilkan SATUAN TAHUN (E2)

  3. Cell F2 isikan fuction =DATEDIF(D2;TODAY();"YM")
    Keterangan :
    Menghasilkan SATUAN BULAN (F2)

  4. Cell G2 isikan function =DATEDIF(D2;TODAY();"MD")
    Keterangan :
    Menghasilkan SATUAN HARI (G2)

  5. Cell H2 isikan function =DATE(YEAR(D2)+56;MONTH(D2)+1;1)
    Keterangan :
    Menghitung tanggal pensiun pada tanggal 1, bulan berikutnya, 56 tahun yang akan datang
    Menghasilkan TMT format DD-MM-YYYY (H2)  

Selamat mencoba dan pastikan Anda mendapatkan memanfaatkannya.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 31 January 2012 11:59

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